Frequently Asked Questions

Gdje se nalazi apartman

Apartman se nalazi u mirnom Bosutskom naselju nedaleko željezničkog i autobusnog kolodvora u Osijeku. Sve bitno je u krugu 5 – 10 minuta hoda. Pogledajte na karti:

Kako vas mogu kontaktirati?

Kontakt možete ostvariti na više načina, jedan od njih je kontakt putem našeg kontakt obrasca na stranici:

Dali izdajete R1 račun?

Na zahtjev izdajemo R1 račun.

Dali je moguć trnsport sa i na zračnu luku Osijek?

Transport sa i na Zračnu luku Osijek moguć je uz dogovor sa vlasnikom apartmana.

Nudite li doručak uz boravak u apartmanu?

Doručak nudimo, te je samo potrebno najaviti da ga želite uz boravak u apartmanu.

Where can I download my purchase?

After you have completed your purchase you will be redirected to your Marketplace account download page. There you can download the item you have just purchased, or any other item previously purchased that is still available on the Marketplaces. You should download your item immediately after purchase, as we cannot guarantee that your purchased item will remain available on the Marketplaces.

Do I need to make separate deposits and accounts for each Marketplace?

No you do not. If, for example, you have signed up to ActiveDen but want to buy an item on ThemeForest, there is no need for you to create a new account.

Your login will work across all of the Marketplaces. In addition all funds in your account are also available for use across all of the Marketplace sites.

Why is there a minimum $20 deposit on the Marketplaces?

The Marketplaces only accept deposits in $10 increments, with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $100. Some of the content on the Marketplaces sells for as low as $1. We are, however, unable to allow deposits under $20 as the transaction fees for these deposits mean that they are currently not sustainable for the Marketplaces.

I have purchased an item twice by mistake, what can I do?

Mistakes happen to the best of us! If you have accidentally purchased an item twice, please contact support with the details of your double purchase. We will then check our server logs for verification and credit your account as appropriate.

Why do prepaid credits expire after one year unless I renew them?

Prepaid credits expire after 12 months for accounting reasons. However, at any time, expired deposits are able to be reinstated by contacting support. We are always happy to extend the validity of a deposit. This ensures that anyone who still wishes to use their deposit is able to do so, regardless of its expiration date.

Can I purchase items if I am not a member?

You must have an account to purchase items on the Envato Marketplaces. Signing up for an account is free and easy. Simply go to your chosen Marketplace’s home page and select “Sign Up” in order to become a member.

How do I pay for items on the Marketplaces?

The Envato Marketplaces offer two options to purchase files; Buy Now for convenient one-off purchases, and Prepaid Credits for multiple purchases to save you money. All purchases are made in U.S. Dollars. All major credits cards are accepted via Paypal and Moneybookers.